New number received from: Letras Libres (year IX, nº102. March 2010)

Summary of this magazine:


* Love of neighbor. A woman feeds her community in Port-au-Prince. Jon Lee Anderson

*To heal Haiti you have to look at history, not nature. Mark Danner

*Half island deforested. Jared Diamond

* Why is the earthquake in Haiti a problem for France? turku varadarajan

*Spartacus in the Caribbean. David Brion Davis

* The seven deadly sins of Spain: VI: Nationalism. Ricardo Cayuela Gally

*Poems possible. Gabriel Zaid

*Leonardo Sciascia. The power of the mob. Arthur Fontaine

*To each his own. The age of criminality. Frederick Campbell

*Between the pool and the gardenias (story). Edwidge Danticat


*Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, by Christopher Caldwell. Mark Lilla

*Who Killed Rosendo?, by Rodolfo Walsh. patrick

* Diary of a desperate, by Friedrich Reck. Luis Fernando Moreno Claros

*Love, Poverty and War, by Christopher Hitchens. Ramon Gonzalez Ferriz

* Pithecanthropus, by Julio Trujillo. Julian Herbert

*End, by David Monteagudo. Mauricio Montiel Figueiras


*Cinema: Two novels. Vincent Molina Foix

*Music: Cecilia Bartoli and Sacrificium. Adolfo Castanon

*Contemporary Art: Gabriel Orozco at MoMA. Maria Minera


*Justice: The Tommohui and Mounib case. Tono Angulo Daneri

*In Memoriam: JD Salinger. Rodrigo Fresan

*Chile: A conditional delivery. Raphael Gumucio

*Uruguay: Other spheres, other voices. Danubio Torres Fierro

*Venezuela: The revolution evaporated. Alberto Barrera Tyszka

*Nicaragua: The long hand of Chavismo. Gilles Bataillon


*Then. jordi twelve

*Embassy. Roman Lujan

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