New issue received from: Book Magazine (nº160, April 2010)

Summary of this issue:


*IGNACIO SOTELO. Fernando Gallego, The myth of transition. The Franco crisis and the origins of democracy (1973-1977) (Critical)


*EMILIO LA PARRA LOPEZ. Encarna Garcia Monerris and Carmen Garcia Monerris, The nation Kidnapped. Francisco Javier Elío: correspondence and manifesto (University of Valencia)

* GREGORY ALONSO. Alejandro Quiroga Fernandez de Soto, Making Spanish. The nationalization of the masses in the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (1923-1930) (Center for Political and Constitutional Studies)

*JOSÉ LUIS DE LA GRANJA SAINZ. Luis Castells and Arturo Cajal (eds.). Basque autonomy in contemporary Spain (1808-2008) (Martial Pons)

*JEAN-MEYER. Mauricio Tenorio Trillo History and celebration. Mexico and its centenarians (Tusquets)


*MARIA DEL CARMEN CARRASCO. Herwig M. Langohr and Patricia T. Langohr, The Rating Agencies and Their Credit Ratings: What They Are, How They Work, and Why They Are Relevant (John Wiley & Sons)


*MANUEL ARIAS MALDONADO. Juan Carlos Purse, The government of words. Policy for times of confusion (Fund of Economic Culture)

*LUIS ARRANZ NOTARY. Francois Guizot, History of the origins of representative government in Europe (KRK)


* JUAN JOSE GOMEZ CHAINS. Manuel Lozano Leyva, Nuclear, why not? How to face the future of energy (Debate). Marcel Coderch, The nuclear mirage: why nuclear energy is not the solution, but part of the problem (The Lynx Books). Alvin M. Weinberg, The First Nuclear Era: The Life and Times of a Technological Fixer (American Institute of Physics). Michio Kaku (ed.), Nuclear Power: Both Sides (Norton); The Future of Nuclear Energy: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


*RAFAEL NÚÑEZ FLORENCIO. Colette and Jean-Claude Rabate, Miguel de Unamuno. Biography (Taurus)

* JUAN CARLOS ARA TORRALBA. Miguel de Unamuno, Tests (Complete works, vols.VIII, IX and X) (Castro Library. José Antonio de Castro Foundation)

*JORDI IBÁÑEZ FANES. Edgar Morín, Vidal and his (Gutenberg Galaxy/Circle of Readers). Richard Wolheim, Germ. childhood memories (Antonio Machado Books)


* ANTONIO PINERO. Fernando Bermejo Rubio Manichaeism. introductory study (Trotta). Fernando Bermejo Rubio and José Montserrat Torrents (eds.). Manichaeism. Texts and sources (trotta)


*PAYAS PAINS. Patrick Leigh Fermor, the traveling writer

* PEDRO SERRANO. Patrick French, The world is like that. The Authorized Biography of Nobel Laureate VS Naipaul (Dome). VS Naipaul, The writer and his Ways of looking and feeling (Debate); Los simuladores (Pocket-size); in a free state (Pocket-size); A bend in the river (Knopf)


* AMPARO SERRANO DE HARO. colette, Cheri (Lumen). Stephen Frears, Cheri (High Films)


*MICHAEL SEIDMAN. Sasha D Pack, The peaceful invasion. Tourists and Franco's Spain (turner)

* FERNANDO SAENZ RIDRUEJO. Cesar Lanza, The arch as an excuse: things and forms in transport engineering (INECO-TIFSA)


* JUAN PEDRO APARICIO. james cameron, Avatar (Twentieth Century Fox)


*FRANS VAN DEN BROEK. Cees Noote Boom, In the mountains of Holland (Prune); Rituals (Siruela); Red rain (Siruela)

*GIUSEPPE MAZZOCCHI. Frederick DeRobert, the viceroys (Cliff)


*DAMASO LOPEZ GARCIA. Alvaro Pombo, The previous death of Lieutenant Aloof (Anagram)

*MARTIN SCHIFINO. Baltasar Porcel, Heaven and earth according to Baltasar Porcel (Destiny)

* PATRICK PRON. Agustin Fernandez Mallo, Nutella Dream (Candaya); Nocilla Experience (Alfaguara); Nutella Lab (Alfaguara); Postpoetry. Towards a new paradigm (Anagram)

*CRISTINA SANCHEZ-ANDRADE. Use Lahoz, The Baldrichs (Alphaguara)


*RICARDO BADA. Giovanni Rivero, girls and detectives (Bartley)

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