New number received from: Revista de Filología Española (January-June 2010, Vol. XC, Nº 1)

summary of this number

*An unpublished humorous letter from Francisco de Aldana and new data for his biography. Miguel Angel de Bunes Ibarra and Abraham Madroñal

*Etymological notes to the oriental voices of the Dictionary of the Castilian prose of Alfonso X by Kasten & Nitti. Frederick Current

*Poetry books in libraries of the Golden Age (1600-1650). Jose Maria Diez Borque

*Adverbial phrases in the legal field: from medieval privileges to their consolidation in the language. Adela Garcia Valle

*Interrelations between grammaticalization and phraseology in Spanish. Eleanor Ruiz Gurillo


*Soledad Carrasco (1922-2007) Francisco Marquez Villanueva

*Bibliographic notes


*Books received

*RFE regulations

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