New number received from: Revista de Occidente (nº 352. September 2010)

Summary of this issue:


*XNUMXst century Ethiopians. Jose Maria Lassalle

*Ethiopia, the challenge of history. Bahru Zewde

*The race of the European powers for the domination of Africa and the modernization of an independent African State. Richard Pankhurst

*Vanguard and State. The birth of contemporary art in Ethiopia. Jose Thovar and Miguel Llanso

*Ethiopian. Manuel Forcano. Photos of Toni Catany

*In Search of Prester John. The extraordinary adventure of the Jesuits in Ethiopia. Victor Fernandez Martinez


*Janus in Latin America. Mariano Grondona

*Smiles at the Academy. Humor in the inaugural speeches of the Royal Spanish Academy. Daniel Samper-Pizano

*On the identity of identity in the era of globalization.  Manuel Montobbio


*Pound: portrait of the adolescent and already young artist. Danube Torres Fierro

*Knots and trends. Rafael Garcia Alonso

*Selected books

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