New number received from: Letras Libres (year IX, nº 108. September 2010)

Summary of this issue:

*Free Letters  In Internet

* Cards on the table

*Our partners


* The plot of man. An email correspondence (presentation by Rafael Lemus). J. M. Coetzee and Arabella Kurtz

* The expensive basket. Gabriel Zaid

*Catalonia after the ruling of the Statute. Francesc de Carreras

*Only for fans and anti-bullfighting, walkers and curious. Peter Sorela


*The idea of ​​justice, by Amartya Sen. Gerard Esquivel

*The too many books and how to read on a bicycle, by Gabriel Zaid. Manuel Arias Maldonado

*The whole life, by David Grossman. Jorge Carrion

*Charles Maurras. chaos and order, by Stephane Giocanti. Valenti Puig

*Cigars in Camelot. personal chronicles, by William Styron, and Portraits and encounters, by Gay Tales. John Gabriel Vasquez

*Shakespeare. The world as a stage by Bill Bryson. Eduardo Moga

*Beginners, by Raymond Carver. Paul Duarte

*of common decency, by Bruce Begout. Ramon Gonzalez Ferriz


*CINEMA: 1960. Vicente Molina Foix

*TELEVISION: The summer of Federico Sánchez. Felix Romero

*GRAPHIC NOVEL: The transformation of the comic. patrick

* PAINTING: Turner and the masters. Maria Minera


* Good architecture gets rained on. German Carrasco

*In the end of the world. Jorge Esquinca


*Niger. Martin Caparros


*IRAN: Faced with the repression of others. Azar Nafisi

*IN MEMORY: Tony Judt (1948-2010). Daniel Gascon

*EXHUMATIONS: CSI: Caracas. Gustavo Valley

*INFINITESIMAL DIARY: From the war. Hugo Hiriart

*COLOMBIA: Antanas Mockus, neither green nor red. Bertrand de la Grange

* MEDIA: What do we do with journalism?. Interview with Juan Cruz. Diego Salazar

*TRAVEL NOTEBOOK: Montevideo in parentheses. Julio Trujillo

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