Last number received from: DELIBROS (year XXIII, nº 248. December 2010)

Summary of this issue:


*The world of the book mourns an absence, Pancho left us


*A very digital Frankfurt. Isasa's Dew

*Sales lists: likes and dislikes. Lily Zarzuela

*Photo books. After the photo book. Irene Porras

*Coolhunting editorial, looking for trends. Daniel Gomez-Tarragona

*Libranda, step by step. Juan Carlos Rodriguez


*Sergio Fajardo: Antonio Sancha Award 2010. Teresa M. Peces

*Eduardo Mendoza: "I always write a novel as if it were the last, just in case." Carolina Isasi Vicondoa

*Deon Meyer: "It's more interesting that the characters are in conflict." Maria of Kos

*Elvira Lindo: "The literary world is not only made by the one who writes, but also the one who reads". Teresa M. Fishes

*LJ Smith: "Reading through vampires...beautiful." TMP


* Readings to start the new year. Martha Borcha

*More than a gift, more than a book. angels castle


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