New issue received from: ANALES GALDOSIANOS (years XLIV-XLV 2009-2010)

Summary of this issue:


*Homosexual Desire and Homosexual Panic in The forbidden. Eve Copeland

*Manual Godoy and Goya's Capricho 56 in the First Series of National Episodes. Tony Dorca

*Religious Space and the Public Sphere in A realistic volunteer. david george

*What is a Man of Fashion? Manuel Pez and the Image of the Dandy in Galdó's Bringas's. Dorota K. Heneghan

*The reception of Galdós's theater work in Mexico: 1892-1952. John Sinnigen and Lilia Vieyra Sanchez

*The look and the marginalized in the Mercy Galdosian. Amy Wright


*Studies on the story of Monteserrata Amores and Rebeca Martin. Ana Baquero Escudero

*Darwin and Galdos, by T. E. Bell. Vernon A Chamberlin

*The woman of letters or the wounded letter. Discourses and representations of women writers in the XNUMXth century, edition of Pura Fernández and Marie-Linda Ortega. Maria Louis Guardiola

*Complete works of Jose Maria de Pereda, edited by Anthony H. Clarke and José Manuel González Herrán. Raquel Gutierrez Sebastian

*Naturalism and modern life, edition of Javier Arnaldo. Stephen Miller

*Cultivating Madrid: Public Space and Middle-Class Culture in the Spanish Capital, 1833-1890, by Daniel Frost. Salvador A. Oropesa

*Teacher and training in the Galdosian novel, by Fermin Ezpeleta Aguilar. Assunta Polizzi

*Public woman and private life: from eunuch art to lupanaria novel, by Pura Fernandez. Michael W. Stannar

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