New number received from: JOURNAL OF SPANISH PHILOLOGY (vol. XC, nº2. July-December 2010)


Summary of this issue:

*A debt in Gonzalo de Céspedes y Meneses: the vitality of the Byzantine model in The Pilgrim and Exemplary Stories. Julian Gonzalez-Barrera.

*Aragonese, Navarrese and Basque in the idiomatic characterization of Vidal Mayor. Fernando Gonzalez Olle.

*A new and fragmentary version of the romance in a probatio calami. Cleofé Tato.


*Petrarch and the admiral of Castillas: about Boscán. Welcome Morros Mestres


*Francisco Lopez Estrada (1918-2010) Angel Gomez Moreno

*Bibliographic notes


*Books received

*RFE regulations

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