New issue received from: JOURNAL OF HISPANIC STUDIES (Volume XLIV, No. 3. OCTOBER 2010)

Summary of this issue:


CONSTITUTIONAL SPAIN: DEMOCRACY AND CULTURE, 1978-2008. edited by Sylvia Bermudez

*To be (a Part) of a WHOLW: Constitutional Patriotism and the Paradox of Democracy in the Wake of the Spanish Constitution of 1978. Brad Epps.

* Feminist vindication (1979-79): Humor and disenchantment in the women's movement of the Transition. Rosalia Cornejo Parriego

*Feather guns: The constitutional crisis of 23-F and the hysterical memory of Eduardo Mendicutti. Joseph Colmeiro

*The Concept of Gender Equality in constitutional Spain. Roberta Johnson

*Consuming Nationalism? Taste, Language, and the novel in Constitutional Galicia. Kirsty Hopper

*Victim Discourse, Victim Studies, and the Biopolitics of Counter-Terrorism: The case of Iñaki de Juana Chaos. justin crumbaugh


*Of Mandarins, lawyers and critics: the intellectual work in/on Latin America. Ana del Sarto

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