New number received from: IBEROAMERICANA (Year XI, nº 41. March 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*Conflicts between memories and between generations: The Girl with the Golden Panties by Juan Marsé and Stille Zeile sechs by Mónica Maron. Patricia Cifre

*Jorge Luis Borges: from Martín Fierro to Sur (1924-1935) Carlos Walker

*The printed production of the Communist Party of Costa Rica (1931-1948) Iván Molina Jiménez

*(Civilize the libido): environmental strategies of eugenics in Argentina. Gustavo Ballejo/Marisa Miranda


Coordinated by Anja Feth and Markus-Michael Muller

Introduction. Anja Feth/Markus-Michael Muller

*Uncivil actors and violence systems in the Latin American urban domain. Dirk Kruijt

*Power and abuses of power among the Judicial Police of Mexico City. Elena Azaola Garrido/Miguel Angel Ruiz Torres

*Spaces of insecurity? The favelas of Rio de Janeiro between stigmatization and glorificationGundo Rial y Costas

*Rescaling security in Latin America: Reading the interurban network (Citizen Safety in Towns) as an intervention into local power relation. Anja Feth

*Security Policies from a Spatial Perspective: the case of Honduras. Lily by Carmen Gutierrez Rivera


* The Lula government and the perspectives of Dilma Rousseff. Claudio Goncalves Couto

*The elections of 2011 and the challenges of the new president of Brazil. Leany Barreiro Lemos

*Dilma has the problem of continuing to change or change. New prospects for political reform in Brazil? Gilberto Calcagnotto

*Dilma Roussef's foreign policy: less of the same? Andres Malamud


*Cultural cities, real and imaginary. Sonja Maria Steckbauer

*The bicentennials of independence, themes, approaches, perspectives. Walther L. Bernecker

*Iberian literatures: history and criticism

*Latin American Literatures: History and Criticism

*History and social sciences: Spain

*History and Social Sciences: Latin America

*Index of reviewed titles

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