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"The House of the Sleeping Beauties" by Yasunari Kawabata

“Old man Eguchi goes to a secret house, on the outskirts of Tokyo, where the old men lie every night with young and beautiful virgins drugged for the occasion. The house rules are inflexible: do not have sex with teenage girls, do not try to wake them from their sleep and do not sleep with the same woman twice. In exchange, customers are allowed to dream and remember…”

Taken from Fnac.

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The House of the Sleeping Beauties / Yasunari Kawabata; [Pilar Giralt translation]. — 5th ed. — Barcelona: Caralt, 2004. — 155 p. ; 22cm

DL B-47894-2004—ISBN 84-217-2608-0

PL 832.A9 N418 2004

R. 96997