New number received from: New Magazine of Hispanic Philology (volume LVIII, 2010, no. 1)

Summary of this issue:


*Relative clauses with anaphoric personal pronouns in medieval Castilian. Mercedes Suarez Fernandez

*The verb "to be" in pseudo-cleft sentences and with the focalizing verb "to be". mercedes sedan

*The “Ten Novels” by Pedro de Salazar and the “Four Example Stories”: common authorship and shared structure. Jose Valentin Nunez Rivera

*"Miseria/Dignitas hominis" in "El Criticón", by Gracián. Paul Sun Mora

*Of ancient rings and enchanted kings: literary background and fortune of the comedy "La ring of oblivion", by Lope de Vega. Jose Enrique Lopez Martinez

*Agustín de Salazar y Torres: disciple of Góngora, teacher of Sor Juana. Martha Lilia Tenorio

*Disputes of origin: Américo Castro and the institutionalization of philology in Argentina. Fernando Degiovanni, Guillermo Toscano and Garcia

*Paradoxical narration and construction of the fantastic in the stories of Julio Cortázar. Klaus Meyer-Minnemann


*Again on article + possessive + noun: Biscayan texts from the XV-XVIII centuries. Sara Gomez Seibane

*”Granas e lanas”: memory of the origins in Bernal. veronica cortinez

* Around Sor Juana's “Allegorical Neptune”. Antonio Alatorre

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