New number received from: JOURNAL OF SPANISH CULTURAL STUDIES (vol. 12, nº 2. June 2011)

Summary of this issue:

*Joan Fontcuberta's Landscapes-remapping photography and the technological image. Patricia Keller

*The hermeneutical image. Christopher van Ginhoven King

*Written bodies, dressed texts: Fashion and gender at the end of the Spanish century. Dawn of the Garcia Well

*(Re)casting the Spanish nation: The “othering” of Emilio Buale. stuart green

*FICXisón and Seminci: two Spanish film festivals at the end of the Festival Era. Nuria Triana Toribio


*Conn Holoham. Cinema on the periphery (Dublin/Portland, OR. Irish Academic Press, 2010). 198 pages ISBN 978-0716530220, 0716530228. Ana Vivancos

*Nere Aresti. Masculinities in question. Men and gender in the first third of the 2010th century (Madrid: Cátedra Feminismos, PUV, 320). 978 pages ISBN 84-376260-6-XNUMX. Rosa Mª Medina-Doménech

*Robert A. Davidson. Jazz age Barcelona. (Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2009). 248 pages Edgar Illas

*Notes on Contributors

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