New issue received from: BULLETIN OF CERVANTES SOCIETY OF AMERICA (vol. XXXI, nº 2. Fall, 2011)

Summary of this issue:

*Editor's note. Bruce R Burningham

*Helena Perches of Ponseti, 1921-2011. Michael McGaha

*In memoriam: Helena Percas de Ponseti (1921-2011). Frances Luttikhuizen


*Sancho Panza's “no matter how black they are, I have to turn them white or yellow” and Juan de Mariana's de moneta of 1605

*Dorotea's displacement: performing the possible in early modern Spain. Christina Garst-Santos

*Voyage of Parnassus: an odyssey of puppets on stage. Esther Fernandez

*Cervantine theater as counter-perspective aesthetic. Reconsidering The happy ruffian. Melanie Henry

*Political thought and conception of the world in Cervantes. The government of the Barataria island. Guillermo Fernandez Rodriguez-Escalona

*A soldier's shame: the specter of captivity in “La historia del captivo”. Paul Michael Johnson

*Framing interiority: “El colloquio de los perro” and inquisitional certainty. Dale Shuger

*Evangelical reminiscences throughout Don Quixote. Patrizia Di Patre

*Juan Montero Reguera. Cervantismos of yesterday and today: chapters of Hispanic cultural history. Luis Gomez Canseco and Mar Gonzalez Mariano

* Miguel de Cervantes. The bagnios of algiers and The great sultana: two plays of captivity. Edited and translated by Barbara Fuchs and Aaron J. Ilika. Michael J. McGrath

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