New number received from: CRITICA (year LXI, nº 979. May-June)

Summary of this issue


* What is a Constitution for? Manuela Aguilera

from month to month

*Nevis Saint Martin



*The meaning of the Constitution and the possibilities of reform. Maria Isabel Alvarez Velez.

* What is a Constitution for? Federico de Montalvo Jääskeläinen.

*The image of Spain before and after the Constitution. Blanca Sáez de Santa María Gómez-Mampaso.

*Civil society and political commitment. Alberto Priego.

*Women and the Spanish Constitution. Maria Luisa Balaguer.

*The right to education in the Spanish Constitution. Belen Urosa Sanz.

*The right to work in the Spanish Constitution. Maria Jose Lopez Alvarez.

*Challenges of the autonomic model of the Constitution of 1978. Clara Martínez García.

Our Approach

*The protection of health in a commercial context. Luis PalomoCobos.

*Church and religion in the Spanish constitutions. Juan Maria Laboa

*The Constitutional Court. The guardian of the constitution. Rafael de Mendizabal Allende.

useful addresses

Esther Gonzalez


*The origin of the Constitutional regime: The Constitution of Cádiz of 1812. Mª Valentina Gómez-Mampaso

*History of the Spanish Constitutions. Virginia Fernandez Aguinaco.

teaching experience

*The Spanish Constitutions, a view from education. carmen lopis


*Joaquin Suarez Bautista

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*The last meeting. Sandor Marai. Mary Simon.

* Older people. Approach to a reality. Rosario Paniagua Fernández. L-R

*Juan Cobos Redondo and the diary of the expedition to Salinas. Brown Cat Purification. Juan Jose Montes.


*Exchange and the history of Spain in 70 minutes. Xavier Lopez.

* Hopes for the losers?. Reflections in times of crisis. Maria Jesus Ramos.


*Dark Shadows. Children of the clouds Cecilia Garcia.

Culture and faith. shimmering titanium

* Women for others. Norbert Alcover


*Verbal formulas to use and sadness. Virginia Fernandez


*The Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, (CCAAC) a multicultural space. Francisco Vicente Galdon.

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