New number received from: RILCE: Magazine of Hispanic Philology (vol. 30.1. January-June 2014)

Summary of this issue:

Noemi ACEDO ALONSO. The poetics of testimony through a double genealogy: the work of the Argentine writer Nora Strejilevich

Julio ALONSO ASENJO. Musical theater in Hispanic school celebrations of the Modern Age

Maria Pilar BALLESTEROS PANIZO. Towards a complex theory of intonation and analysis of the melody of Navarran speech

Luis BELTRÁN ALMERIA. Tobias and the soap opera

Eva María BRAVO GARCIA and María Teresa CÁCERES LORENZO. Communicative strategies and documentary types in the selection of Amerindian voices in the 1518th century (1559-XNUMX)

Roberto H. ESPOSTO. The presence of Martin Heidegger in the thought and literary creation of Abel Posse

Gerard FERNANDEZ SMITH. Terminological and conceptual precisions in the field of textual and discursive linguistics

Cécile FRANÇOIS. Analysis of the titles of Enrique Jardiel Poncela's novel trilogy in its ethical and aesthetic dimension

Mario MARTIN GIJON. The reception of Spanish literature in the Weimara Republic through its cultural magazines between 1924 and 1933

Felix KE SCHEMLZER. The scientific utopia of the Golden Age: the ideal state as a topic of scientific and technical prose in Spanish (1526-1613)

Alejandra ULLA LORENZO. The theatrical festivals of the Buen Retiro in 1635: the premiere of The greatest charm, love Calderon de la Barca

Alicia VARA LOPEZ. Between power and decorum: nobility and independence in the female characters of Argenis y polyarch of Calderon


Pablo M ARTÍNEZ DIENTE. Meet Terry Eagleton: The Perennial Urge of Ingenuity


Aschenberg, Heidi, and Óscar Loureda Lamas, eds.  Discourse markers: from description to definition. Carmen Llamas Saiz

Barrier, Trinidad, coord.  In the region of the air: works of fiction in prosanovohispana. Beatriz Aracil Male

Beverly, John.  Latin Americanism After 9/11.  michael aronna

Calvo Revilla, Ana, and Javier de Navascués, eds.  The borders of the short story: theory and criticism of the Spanish and Latin American short story. Ash Coral

Garrido Dominguez, Antonio. Narration and fiction: literature and invention of worlds. Luis Beltran Almeria

Mora, Carmen de, and Alfonso García Morales, eds. Diplomatic Travelers and Exiles: Spanish-American Writers in Spain (1914-1939).  Mariana Moraes

Romera Castillo, Jose, ed.  The brief theater at the beginning of the XNUMXst century. Proceedings of the XX International Seminar of the Research Center for Literary, Theatrical and New Technologies Semiotics.  Jose Elias Gutierrez Meza

Valls, Fernando, ed.  Sea of ​​piranhas: new voices of the Spanish short story. Leticia Bustamante





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