New issue received from: ANTHROPOS (nº238, 2014)


Building democracy from school. Organization and change management

Coordinated by: José Eliseo Valle Aparicio and José Francisco Belda Ibáñez

Description of this number:

The school, education, but above all the work of teachers is changing, and it is possible to venture that this change will be increased as the economic, political and theoretical pressures vary the social conditions of the environment. The new society that emerges after the crisis will require adaptation efforts, most of the times difficult, and sometimes even contradictory with the ideals of society that until now we had considered valid. School organizations as social organizations are, with all certainty, one of the most complex institutions in today's society, and they are already facing, and will have to face even more, an exponential increase in the demands for change, which will place them in the contradiction of thinking from the calm that teaching work demands but with the inevitable dizziness with which events occur.

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