ACS COURSE FALL 2017: American Literature: New York 1945-1965 (Intermediate/Upper Intermediate)

This course is designed for intermediate- and upper-intermediate-level learners who are interested in improving their English language skills through the study of American literature. The theme for Fall 2017 is New York, 1945-1965. We will read short stories, novel and memoir excerpts, poems, and essays, in order to examine the ways in which these texts offer both an idealized vision of New York (and, by extension, of America) in the two decades after World War II and a critique of this very time and place.

                  Students will improve their speaking and listening skills through participation in class discussions, role-plays and other communicative activities. They will also learn good techniques for vocabulary acquisition, and reinforce grammar through reading and writing activities. Additional audio-visual materials will enhance the study of literature and language by providing complementary information about post-war American culture, as well as further opportunities to sharpen English language abilities.

Instructor: Chiara Luis, PhD

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