Who says there are no more original ideas? YL 3B begs to differ!

The YL3B Saturday students just finished presenting their inventions to the class and now we get to share them with you!

One group developed the Spellpencil. It automatically detects spelling mistakes as you write, informs you of the error via an audio alert and then displays the proper spelling on a built-in screen. How useful!

Another group created the Magic Printer, which is a 3-D printer that converts textiles into clothing, shoes and accessories. The purpose of this invention is to stop people from wasting time and money shopping. Also, it would help to clothe the poor. Don't forget that it's environmentally friendly! Materials can be reused rather than replaced.

The last invention is also green! It relies on physical strength rather than electricity. The Elevator operates on a pulley system to carry people up and down and has mattress cushioning to protect riders in case of an emergency or malfunction. Its simple design and ability to work without costly electricity makes it affordable and means it will work even in the event of a power outage.

We hope you enjoyed our inventions! We certainly had fun creating them!

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