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Jueves / “Everything is illuminated” directed by Liev Schreiber


A young Jewish American flies to the Ukraine in search of his grandfather’s past. He has a photograph and the name of a village. He hires the Odessa Heritage Tours, made up of a gruff old man and his English-speaking grandson. The three, plus grandfather’s deranged dog, travel in an old car from Odessa into Ukraine’s heart. Jonathan, the American, is a collector, putting things he finds into small plastic bags, so he will remember. Alex, the interpreter, is an archetypal wild and crazy guy. Alex asks the old man, “Was there anti-Semitism in the Ukraine before the war?” Will they find the village? The past illuminates everything.

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Everything is illuminated = (todo está iluminado). [DVD] / Liev Schreiber. — [S.l.] : Warner Home video española, 2005. — 1 DVD  (120 min.) : son., col.Idiomas : español, inglés ; Subtítulos : castellano, inglés, holandés, portugués y francés.

Elijah Wood, Eugene Hutz, Jana Hrabetova, Jonathan Safran Foer, Stephen Samudovsky, Oleksandr Choroshko, Ljubomir Dezera.

No recomendada para menores de 13 años. / ZW .S35 E94 2005