Writing about Childhood Memories

In Maria’s Level 6 class, students completed a unit on childhood memories. After reading American short stories related to this theme (“Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros and “The Blanket” by Floyd Dell), they wrote about their own memories. Here’s a sample!

“How I Started Swimming”

By Estefania

When we arrived to the beach, I started running in the direction of the sea even though I didn’t know how to swim. When my dad saw me running like someone who is crazy, he shouted at me, trying to stop me, but I wasn’t going to stop. I wanted to feel that cold and salty water in my skin.

Well as I didn’t stop, my parents also started running so I thought they liked the sea as much as I did and they wanted to swim and to have a good time with me!! So, I was happy.

But when my father reached me, he shouted at me and he told me that I shouldn’t go into the sea because I didn’t know how to swim. When I finished crying I started playing in the sand.

A few minutes later my dad was going into the water, so he took me and said he was going to teach me how to swim and by the time I finished learning I would be able to be in the sea as much as I wanted.