Scary stories…Cuentos de miedo! Sarah’s Level 6 Saturday Class did a group writing with Halloween themes.

Mary was walking home from school on Halloween when she decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery.  She was eating an apple at the same time as she was walking.  She saw her neighbor putting flowers on her husband’s grave.  She said “hi” to her, and she was looking very creepy.  There were spiders everywhere and she didn’t know how to escape.   She was looking for a way to avoid the spider webs when suddenly a ghost appeared.

Mary didn’t recognize him, but she walked slowly to it.  She was very near to touch it, but it suddenly turned around.  “Aaaahhh!!!” screamed Mary with all her soul.  She saw that it didn’t have a face!  It took a knife out of its hand and showed it to Mary.  She hit his arm with all her possible strength, but the monster ran to call other strange monsters so she saw the solution.

She hid in the crypt next.   One skeleton saw her and called all the monsters, who closed around the crypt.  She didn’t have any solution so she stayed there for hours.

When she thought she was alone, without ghosts, witches and so on, she went out and immediately she found all her friends laughing.  It was a joke for Mary.

She was in the videoclip of Thriller, with her favorite singer Michael Jackson!  It was the best scary surprise that they did to her on Halloween.