Environmental Awareness: Conocer el medioambiente

It was environmental awareness day in Barbara’s YL 5 class.  First we learned that the environment we love is being threatened – “they paved paradise to put up a parking lot” (“Big Yellow Taxi” by the Counting Crows).  Then we put the pieces together and discovered the truth about the story of a collection of garbage in the Pacific Ocean that’s twice the size of the US.  Finally we used this awareness as motivation to create a series of advertising campaigns to save the environment.  The slogans were “No More Extinction, Yes We Can” (save the animals), “Would you like to live in a landfill?” (don’t throw garbage in the water, recycle), and “What do you prefer…living in a horrible city with pollution or living in a beautiful city with many parks?” (reduce emissions and save the trees).  Both the presentations and the solutions the students offered were inspiring!  Great job YL5, you used your English to discuss something that matters to all of us!