Nuevo número recibido de: The New Yorker ( March 8, 2010)

Sumario de este número:

*Goings on about town

*The talk of the town. Hendrik Hertzberg on the health summit; Freedom Riders; criminal podiatrists

*Profiles. Walking Through Walls. Marina Abramovic and the art of pain. Judith Thurman

*Shouts & Murmurs. Not Your Father´s Taliban. Andy Bororwitz

*On and off the avenue. Borough Haul. Are you cool enough to shop in Brooklyn?. Patricia Marx

*Letter from Chicago. The Daley Show. The most powerful mayor in America. Evan Osnos

*Onward and upward with the arts. Out of the West. Clint Eastwood´s long journey. David Denby

*Fiction. “Ask Me If ICare”. Jennifer Egan


*A critic at large. The history and future of 3-D. Anthony Lane

*Books. Briefly Noted

*Pop Music. The eloquence of Bill Withers. Sasha Frere-Jones

*The theatre. “The Tempest”, “Clybourne Park”. John Lahr

*The art world. The Whitney Biennial. Peter Schjeldahl

*The current cinema. “The Ghost Writer”. David Dendy


*”A Message to Po Chu-I”. W.S. Merwin

*”The Thunder Shower”. Derek Mahon


*”Ten Nominees”. Mark Ulriksen


*Robert Mankoff, Isaac Littlejohn Eddy, Paul Noth, Danny Shanahan, Michael Crawford, Tom Cheney, Zachary Kanin, Leo Cullum, Drew Dernavich, Farley Katz, David Sipress, Christopher Weyant


*Maximilian Bode
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