Nuevo número recibido de: The New Yorker (March 22, 2010)

Sumario de éste número:

*Goings on about town

*The talk of the town. Hendrik Hertzberg on nuclear power; demolishing Yankee Stadium; progressives

*Onward and upward with the arts: Stage Left. Oskar Eustis and the Public Theatre. Rebecca Mead

*Shouts & murmurs. Don´t Ask Me. Paul Rudnick

*The sporting scene. Pioneer. A lacrosse coach´s westward turn. John McPhee

*Profiles. After Stevens. The Supreme Court´s liberal leader. Jeffrey Toobin

*A reporter at large. Lithium Dreams. Bolivia and the electric-car-battery boom. Lawrence Wright

*Fiction. ”The Pura Principle”. Junot Díaz


*Pop music. A new album from Sade. Sasha Frere-Jones

*Books. Briefly Noted. Hapipiness and society. Elizabeth Kolbert

*The theatre “When the Rain Stops Falling”. Hilton Als

*The art world. Otto Dix at the Neue Galerie. Peter Schjeldahl

*Musical events. Orchestral comparisons at Carnegie Hall. Alex Ross

*The current cinema “Greenberg”, “Vincere”. David Denby


*”Eccclesiastes 11:1”. Richard Wilbur

*”Whale”. Robert Pinsky


*Evening Walk” by Jorge Colombo


*Drew Dernavich, David Sipress, Michael Shaw, Mick Stevens, Leo Cullum, Barbara Smaller, Roz Chast, Zachary Kanin, William Haefeli, Gahan Wilson, Carolita Johnson, Robert Mankoff, Tom Cheney, Michael Maslin, Jack Ziegler


*Javier Mariscal
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