Nuevo número recibido de: Speak Up (nº296, año XXV)

Sumario de éste número: 

*Easy english. We read about April Fools´ Day. On CD, we meet both a tough businesswoman and the Scottish reindeer! 

*Katty Kay. The BBC correspondent tells us how it is to report from the White House 

*Bill Nighy. The well-known English actor who is impressing international audiences 

*Celebrity chefs. A British love affair with food and celebrity has made some chefs famous 

*War, religion and politics. Many powerful political and religious figures have changed their names to increase their authority 

*Looking back to the sixties. Was life as fabulous as they say? Musician Brian Auger says “Yes!” but he also admits that many people were ingenuous 

*ST Helena: The long way home. This little island in the South Atlantic Ocean, which still belongs to the British commonwealth, is only reachable by ship! 

*Don’t take my internet away! The carbon footprint created by the internet is huge, says Leo Hickman 

*Heading into the wild west. In the American west, we follow the trails that 19th century settlers created 

*I love Norfolk! Elly Griffiths sets her novels in this atmospheric part of southern England 

*Meet the press. The New York Times argues that Facebook´s glory days are over 

*The last laugh. In our joke this month, we meet a police officer who has his own very unusual sense of logic! 

*Spirituality. Our British Council report discusses the role that faith and religion play in modern British society 

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