Nuevo número recibido de: Cricket Magazine (vol.37, nº9, July/August 2010)

Sumario de éste número:


*Horned toad. Sheryl L. Nelms

*The fieriest temper in firewater springs. Elisabeth Deffner

*Raindrops. Beverly McLoughland

*Summer 1951. Lynne Santy Tanner

*Strawberry Spread. Susan B. Ouzts

*Saving Freyfaxi. Christy Lenzi

*Favorite first sentences from Cricket readers

*Why is so hard to get ketchup out of the bottle? Shawna Stuart Whyte

*America´s first road trip. Charles C. Entwistle

*Rubber band racer

*When I left my village. Maxine Rose Schur

*Gossamer Voices. Robert C. Jones



*Cricket Country. Carolyn Digby Conahan

*Ugly Bird´s Crossbird Puzzle. Dennis Harris

*Cricket League

*Cricket and Ladybug. Carolyn Digby Conahan

*Old Cricket Says

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