Nuevo número recibido de: Muse Magazine (vol.14, nº7, September 2010)

Sumario de éste número:


*Dear Muse Reader. Nancy Kangas

*Bo´s Page

*Kokopelli & Company. Larry Gonick

*Q&A. Robert J. Coontz and Rebecca Lasley

*Muserology: Weathering the storm. Anna Whittermore

*Muse mail

*Muse Contest

*Last Page: It´s a (really) small world


*The explorer who didn´t. Anthony Brandt

*The original cut-and-paste. With commentary by Lewis Carroll

*News that would change the World. Seth Shostak

*Your inner Neanderthal. Meg Moss

*Chocolate Town, U.S.A. Joël Glenn Brenner

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