Scary Stories

Katie’s Young Learners 6 class wrote SCARY STORIES in the days leading up to Halloween. You can read them here, but be warned: They are creepy, chilling and horrifying!

By Carmen Del Olmo Rosado

My grandparents have a very big house in the mountains, near a small village.

Everything started one winter evening. It was my grandfather’s birthday, and because of this, all my family was there.

We were having dinner when my grandmother realized that we had drunk all the wine, so she asked my father to go to the garden shed to get one more bottle.

My father went into the garden. It was very dark but he wasn’t afraid, it was his parents house, nothing could happen.

He entered the shed where my grandparents kept the food, and when he took the bottle he heard a noise. He looked around but he couldn’t see anything.

He returned to the house and we finished dinner. Then, everyone had to go back to their houses in Madrid, except my aunt, who was going to spend the night there with her husband.

Everyone had gone and my aunt went to bed, but my uncle wasn’t tired, so he stayed up.

My aunt was in bed when she heard a noise outside. She got up and looked out the window and saw the shed door slam shut.

She was really afraid and called her husband, but his mobile phone started ringing inside the house somewhere.

She didn’t know where her husband was, but she didn’t want to go outside.

Suddenly she heard voices in the garden, she looked outside and saw two shadows.

She was really scared, but she was also worried about her husband, so finally she went out with a flashlight and saw two men in the distance.

She run into the house to call the police, but when she was taking the phone, the door opened and her husband appeared in the doorway.

She explained to her husband how frightened she had been, and he told her that her brother, my father, forgot his bag and he had had to return to get it.

Suddenly the door flew opened and her brother came in.

By Pablo Rojas Castillo

I was on a field trip with my school visiting a forest just outside Madrid. The teachers said we could all go explore the forest but we must always stay with a friend, never alone. I went to the river with a friend and we swam for a while. The water was very cold and it was going very fast and my friend didn’t know swim very well. All of a sudden the water took my friend and he hit his head hard on a stone. He blacked out and floated lifelessly down the river. I was watching all of this and happen so fast right in front of my eyes. I tried to save him, but i couldn’t.

Before I went back to tell the teachers I heard them running toward the river. When they came to the river my best friend was there-swimming! Alive! He had only a cut by his eye and he was bleeding a little. My teachers took him to the hospital. I went home and I decided to go to sleep very early because I was exhausted. When I opened my bedroom door I saw my best friend lying in my bed. He was white and he said to me “You didn´t save me and now I´ll kill you”. I thought I was dreaming and that this wasn´t true. My best friend had a gun and he kept repeating “you didn´t save me I´ll kill you” faster and faster. I closed my eyes and when I open he was right next to me and he said “I told you, I´m going to kill you” and then he fired the gun. At that moment my mother opened my door and said “Good morning my love, remember you have a field trip to the forest today”…

By Guadalupe Díaz Iglesias

There was an old abandoned house in the village where Norah lived. It was at the top of a hill and some people said it was haunted and full of ghosts.

A long time ago it had been a farm but the owner had been killed by his own pigs. They had peeled off all his skin until he died, then they ate what was left of him.

Norah and her friends decided to spend their whole weekend there, just for fun. There were five of them: Norah, her boyfriend and three more friends. They got to the house on Friday night. It was raining outside and the night was cool and foggy. When they got in, they lit a fire and one of them decided to go and see what was on the top floor while Norah was making dinner. After an hour he was still upstairs and the others decided to go look for him. Suddenly someone screamed. Norah ran to see what was going on and saw her friend lying dead on the floor, his blood all over the walls and the ceiling. Someone had put an ax through his stomach. She ran out of there and, just when she had shut the door, she heard a great smashing sound from the floor above. Then the ceiling collapsed, trapping her and her friends. She saw Bill and Jane take their last breaths before dying.

Bill had been hit so hard his face was disfigured and Jane had been badly burned. Norah was terrified and could hardly breathe. She could hear her boyfriend looking for her, going downstairs to find her. When he did, she saw what he was carrying: a saw. He was  slowly coming closer and was smiling. She looked at him and started to cry.

“No, please, don’t! I love you!” she said, begging for mercy.

He looked at her one more time and answered:

“And I’d love to kill you”.

By Juan Lluvia

This story starts with a good man who has a happy family. One night he was sleeping at home. The next morning he appeared dead with a knife in his neck.

Fifty years later, a new family bought the house where the man had misteriously died. One night, one of the children awoke to see a man with a knife in his neck standing over his bed. He told her mother about it, but her mother it had only been a nightmare.

One week later the child was found dead, just like the man fifty years before with a knife in his neck. They realized that it wasn’t a coincidence and anybody returned to that house ever again.

From then on people called that house ” The Haunted House”.


By Marcos Sánchez Sardaña

Years ago, in the 60´s this school looked very much the same. It was a German school and many children and teenagers came here to learn German. The 31st October was normal day but not for Luis ‘class. His class came to the school that day and students gave the lesson. There were six students but before the class finished, the teacher went crazy. Suddenly the teacher began to best a boy and finally he ate him. Luis and his classmates went to the exit but it was locked, they were caught, they were alone. Alex, one of the Luis ‘best friends said: “We are going to die!!” .And it was true. When they came around the corner they saw something. They looked up and saw the teacher on the ceiling, like a spider. After this they decided to try and talk to the director. When they arrived at the director’s office, the director was cutting bread with a knife, a great big knife!! They were frightened and just then the door slammed shut behind them. Only Luis and Alex escaped. In the room the people were shouting and blood ran out under the door. They began to run. The blood followed them and caught Alex and he turned into a zombie. He began to follow Luis and When Alex was just about to catch him, the director killed Alex. Luis wondered if the director was helping him or not but he didn’t stop to think about it. Luis ran and ran, He wanted to get out of the building and he went to the exit. The door was open. He went out and he was glad, he had been terrified. He walked out onto the sidewalk happy but just them a piano fell on him and killed him.