Happy International Book Day!

Yesterday at the Institute, for La Noche de los Libros, there was a storytelling session in English, about the book What About Me? Thanks to Ana, our librarian, and Carrie and Trisha, the storytellers, for organizing the event.

Some of our students also talked about their favorite books. They had lots of ideas.

One book we have worked with in Kids’ Club is The Little Mouse,  the Red, Ripe Strawberry, and  the Big, Hungry Bear, by Don and Audrey Wood. This funny book starts off with “Hello, Little Mouse. What are you doing?”  It uses simple language and lovely illustrations to tell the story of a little mouse who tries to hide a red, ripe strawberry from a bear. The students made their own book to show some more ways the mouse could hide the strawberry. Take a look:


For parents interested in learning more about reading with their children, this article appeared in Science Daily last week, talking about what adults should do when reading aloud to children, to increase their awareness of words and their meaning.