More Summer Fun

The fun continued in the last two weeks of Summer in the City!

We started with a California theme week, with lots of great ideas from Alicia, Christine and Katie, who are all from California. We also had guest speakers from the US Embassy to talk about California and high school life in USA. Christine taught the students to juggle and gave them an introduction to fencing!

Our trip in week 3 was to see the greenhouse at Madrid Rio, where we could see plants from desert and subtropical climates, which exist in California. After that, we went to cool off at the fountains in the “Playa Urbana.”

For week 4 we got ready for the Olympic Games, with lots of games and art projects, includng the Olympic flag, olive wreaths and torches. We had some special guests, Judy Clericuzio and Jack Jamison of Cañones y Mantequilla, who taught us a bit about country music and Texas Line Dancing.  On the last day we went to the Retiro for a Field Day, with different games such as sack race, three-legged race, hula hoop games, egg toss and wheelbarrow race.

Kids and teachers had lots of fun. Thanks for spending your summer with us!