Kids’ Club Book Day “Show and Tell”

Yesterday was Book Day! And to get ready, the Kids’ Club students brought in their favorite books for a “Show and Tell” activity. They showed us their favorite books, then explained why they liked it, what it was about, and showed us their favorite picture or read a little to us. Then the kids had time to share and read each other’s books.


Another reading activity that Kids’ Club works on is a song and poetry book. They learn songs and poems, then illustrate them to include in their books. You can see some of the students’ illustrations for the song, “Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me,” a traditional American song. [youtube]

We also listened to this fun song, all about different kinds of books. Thanks to Ana from the Library, for sharing it with us! As the song says, “Read a Book Today!” (and every day, if you can…) [youtube]