Yellow Group Outer Space Week

On their first week at the Summer in the City program students in the Yellow Group studied about “Outer Space.”



Since, the students were finishing the week going to the Mineralogy Museum we learned a little about crystals and their use in everyday life, then we experimented with growing sugar crystals in the form of Rock Candy. This was done to give the students some sense of how crystals grow and their natural tendency to endlessly repeat their structure.


After looking at several examples of Tesselations, like M.C. Escher, we learned the basics of how to make them and then tried our hand. The idea was to connect the idea of crystals repeating their core design again and again with geometric tiling concepts that have been used in Spain for hundreds of years, of which the Moors were most famous.


We talked about the role satellites play in lives today and learned their most basic functions. We looked at few famous ones; Sputnik and Voyager, talked about the Golden Record and made our own.