YL2 Celebrates Fall

The Fall is a special time that is full of color and new fruits. The kids in our YL2 class studied about Fall and learned lots of new vocabulary. Students recalled their new vocabulary and helped build their fluency by playing a hot potato game. The students stood in a circle and tossed the “hot potato”, a small ball, taking turns saying a vocabulary word within three seconds. If a player stalled or took longer than three seconds, the player had to leave the circle. Students not only had fun, but were able to recall their new words quickly.

We also learned about apples from seed to ripeness. Students learned the process as well as all the vocabulary that is related to an apple’s lifecycle. Once the unit on apples was finished, each student chose a favorite fruit and learned how to use adjectives to describe the fruit.

Students also used their creativity to make crafts for the season. Here they are in a photo with their apple crafts.

During our recess some students decided to create a collage on our garden tables with leaves that they picked from the garden. As you can see they are very creative.