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“Introducing Chomsky” by John Maher and Judy Groves

Introducing Chomsky

“Linguist Noam Chomsky maintains that the human brain has an innate language faculty, and that part of this biological endowment is a ‘universal grammar’, a theory of principles common to all languages. Thus, all human languages and the ways in which children learn them are remarkably similar. Chomsky’s book Syntactic Structures was a turning-point in 20th-century linguistics, challenging assumptions in many areas such as philosophy, psychology and intellectual history.”

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Introducing Chomsky / John Maher and Judy Groves ; edited by Richard Appignanesi. — New York, N.Y.; Cambridge, UK: Totem Books: Icon Books, 1998.

175 p. : il. ; 22 cm.

Bibliogr.: p. 172-174.

ISBN 1-87416-642-0

P 85 .C47 M34 1998

R. 81336000