NEW SPRING 2016 ACS COURSE: American Expression: Equality 3.0: Economic Inequality

This spring the American Cultural Studies program (ACS) will offer four new courses. Come to our free open session during the IIE Open House on March 15th to learn more.

The theme for this trimester is “Equality 3.0: Economic Inequality.” Throughout the course the class will examine the ways economic inequality has affected, and continues to affect, American society and culture.This course is designed for advanced learners of English who are interested both in improving their English expression and comprehension skills, as well as expanding their knowledge of American culture. Learners will be given many opportunities to practice and perfect their oral expression (primarily through structured debates, discussions, and group and individual presentations), their English writing skills (via short reaction papers written in response to a work or topic and blog entries), as well as their reading and listening comprehension (through the analysis and interpretation of films, music, and literature.)