American Theatre

NEW ACS COURSE FOR WINTER 2017: American Theatre

American Theatre: Broadway and the American Dream

This course on American Theatre will use material from Broadway to introduce students to the concept of “The American Dream.”

We will study three plays and musicals presented on Broadway:

A Raisin in the Sun        A Streetcar Named Desire      West Side Story

Students will

  • strengthen language skills and vocabulary to defend their interpretations of the plays.
  • discuss and debate their perspectives based on information gleaned from the text.
  • write responses to provocative questions in preparation for these discussions.
  • enact and embody performed language in class, enhancing their spoken English abilities in a unique and entertaining way.

In addition, we will investigate the particular vernacular of each show – each an example from a specific period/place in American history. Finally, we will look at Broadway as an example of the American Dream fulfilled.

 Instructor: Carrie Klewin Lawrence, MFA

Nivel Avanzado / Proficiency
Duración 30h/trimestre | 3h/semana
Horario Lunes y Miércoles | 11:30-13:00
Precio 380€
Fechas 11 Enero – 21 Marzo
Matrícula Departamento de inglés

91 319 81 84/ 82 75