Happy 2017 from YL5!

It’s 2017 and we have started the winter trimester at the International Institute. The students in Young Learners 5 know each well after spending the fall trimester learning and laughing together. This winter we have a new student and he is already one of the group!


We started the trimester off by, what else?!, talking about plans for the year and New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few of the students’ goals for 2017. Do you think they’ll be able to accomplish them? I do!


My resolution is to have better grades.

I’ll run every Sunday morning. (I already started.)

I’m not going to stress that much.

I won’t eat as much junk food this year.

I’ll teach my dog to sit.

I’m going to get a new girlfriend this year.

I’m not going to ignore my brother.

My general resolution for 2017 is to improve myself a bit more than in the last year.