Young Learners 3 creates their own board games

For the last two weeks, students in Miss Cynthia’s Young Learners 3 class have been working on developing and creating board games to help them review the grammar they have been learning this semester. The project started when the following question was posed as part of their weekly journal writing.


If you could change something about the way you learn English, here or at school, what would it be?


Students unanimously decided that playing more board games was the best way to learn and review material in class. After an engaging class discussion students then got into pairs to brainstorm and develop potential ideas. Once they had carefully fleshed out and written down their explanation and rules, a list of materials was made and construction of the game began. Students worked diligently and carefully to make sure the grammar points they had chosen would be properly practiced. Once the work was completed, students bravely presented their game to the rest of the class and played a quick round too. Everyone listened carefully and gave thoughtful feedback once each presentation was finished. Students also had the opportunity to make changes and modifications to improve their games.

It was amazing to see the different stages of growth and development of their ideas throughout the two weeks. The board games produced were a fun way to put into practice what they have been learning throughout this semester. Everyone worked well together and did a great job on this project. Congratulations Young Learners!