Spring 2017 American Literature Course: Nature Writing: Advanced/Proficiency Section

Beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous, the natural world has always fascinated humankind.

From philosophical and political treatises, to encounters with landscapes and animals, to Native American creation myths, to the historical records of pioneers, settlers, and conservationists, American literature is rich in writing about nature and the natural world. In this course we will explore a variety of texts—novel excerpts, poems, essays, diaries, historical documents—in order to examine the ways in which American authors have depicted the natural world in their writings.

 Instructor: Chiara Luis, PhD

Students with an advanced/proficiency level of English will develop and improve their communication skills through class discussions, short writing assignments (e.g., blog posts or response papers), and supplementary audio-visual materials, as well as through online participation using the Blackboard digital platform.

Level Advanced – Proficiency
Duration 30h/trimester | 3h/week
Times Fridays | 10:30-13:30


Fee 380€ (access to materials included)
Dates April 7th – June 23rd
Registration Departamento de inglés


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