NEW ACS COURSE FALL 2017: American Art History: The Great American Home

Part of the American Dream is owning or building one’s own home, yet the architecture of houses in the United States is quite diverse. From the tenements of urban immigrants to the mansions of the Industrial Revolution, from suburban sprawl to the tiny house movement, this course will examine American domestic architecture and the basic concept of the American home itself. Students will gain an appreciation of the architecture around them as well as familiarize themselves with specifically American architectural trends. In addition, they will enjoy an in-depth look at the works by Frank Lloyd Wright, arguably the most important American architect to date.

Instructor: Alexa Brooks, MA, MFA

 Expand your knowledge of:

·     American architecture & movements

·     relevant terms & vocabulary


Improve your English skills:

·      reading comprehension

·      speaking & listening

·      writing & presenting

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