Kids Club 1: All about North American Music

This trimester in Kids Club 1, we are learning all about music from North America. We use poetry, games, media and creative activities inspired by music to learn about the people and places that helped create American music styles. We spent our first week exploring all the different ways music can make us feel by making a “music soup”. We also started to make a music map of North America where we can mark some important places in music history, like Memphis, New York and Chicago.

We learned about rock and roll by looking at pictures and videos of musicians like Elvis Presley and practiced some silly dance moves like The Twist. We saw some real vinyl records, invented our own band names and designed album covers. We also learned about blues music by playing a Mississippi River game, writing about what gives us the blues, and inventing our own blues songs, like “The No Chocolate Blues” and “The Late for School Blues”.

Even though not everyone agrees if the music of the day is good or bad, we’re having a lot of fun exploring the instruments and people that make it.