Succeeding in the American Classroom: An Experiential Workshop

In May, IIE will offer a workshop designed for Spanish students interested in attending a US university.

Beyond SAT and TOEFL, students who enter the American university system must be prepared for new expectations and environments.

Academic and Cultural Differences

The workshop, designed for students planning to study in the United States, will give participants the chance to become familiar with the key cultural differences and challenges that await them in the US, and to practice the academic skills that are essential for success in an American university classroom.

Over three Friday sessions of two hours each, students will be introduced to and engage with the chief causes of “academic culture shock,” including:

  •  Academic Expectations:

·     Study skills

·     Classroom habits

·     Academic integrity

·     Rules of good research

  •   Cultural Differences:

·      Time management

·      Campus life

·      Student services

·      Extracurricular activities

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