Reading Zines: Graphic Novel Family Book Club for Tweens – Book of the month: April 2020

We hope you have enjoyed the great story for this month “Jackie Rose Vol. 1: The Treasure of Captain Read” by Josh Ulrich:


Set in an alternate 1940s, Jackie Rose is a rip-roaring adventure story about a sixteen-year-old girl fighting to hold on to the last remnant she has of her departed mother, her home. When Jackie and her best friend Eddie are kidnapped by the notorious air pirate, Elizabeth Read, Jackie sees the chance to save her house if she can return a stolen crown.

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We share  some of the questions that we want to discuss about it during the first part of the activity:

How would you describe Captain Elizabeth Read?

What is Eddie and Jackie’s relationship? Do you think Eddie is happy being friends?

Why does Jackie want to get a summer job?

Who was Dian waiting for?

Why is Jackie so attached to her house?

What mistake did Eddie make when he met the pirates?

Do you think it was a good idea of Jackie to take back the crown? Why or why not?

Why didn’t the pirates shoot down Eddie and Jackie’s plane?

What did Eddie dream about when he was little? Did his dream come true?

How did Jackie get away from the crocodile?

“A pirate is a pirate” do you agree with that statement?

What is Dian’s story? How did she become a pirate? Who else besides the Captain does she consider her friends?

Why does the crew turn against the Captain?

What’s the question Eddie wanted to ask Jackie from the beginning?

Why did Elizabeth fake her one death? Do you think it was the right thing to do?

Who is Elizabeth’s enemy? Why do you think she owes him money?

What do you think Jackie will do next?

What would you do?

Join us for the online session!

* For the ones that also have read this month “Positively Izzy” by Terri Libenson in a paper edition, we recommend a couple of interesting links to discuss at home with the family or friends:  (discussion questions & extension activities) (Author website)

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