Poetry for Everyone ONLINE WORKSHOP


This 10 hour online workshop is designed for adults with an upper intermediate (B2) level of English. Students will examine a variety of American poems and poetry writing techniques.  Students will write poetry to strengthen their command of English. In each class, students will examine and discuss poems, apply specific writing techniques, and share their poetry in a supportive workshop environment. Students will receive feedback on their work both from their peers and the instructor, and then be given the opportunity to practice revision techniques. Additionally, in each class students will practice specific elements of English grammar and pronunciation.

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Learn more about the course instructor, Iris Craig, by visiting her LinkedIn page.

Mini-Course Objectives

Students in this course will:

Engage Critically with Poetry

  • Recognize different American poets
  • Recognize different poetic styles
  • Analyze poems for technique and meaning
  • Read poems out-loud for an audience

Expand Their Technique Toolbox

  • Recognize and incorporate a variety of techniques to create meaningful poems
  • Understand the principles of meter and rhyme and how they create rhythm
  • Sharpen poems using revision techniques like re-lineation and writing backwards

Strengthen Their Command of English

  • Improve pronunciation and fluency
  • Improve writing skills
  • Gain confidence by using English as a creative outlet

Write Their Own Poems

  • Write different types of poetry, including narrative, lyric, and persona
  • Create poems using materials such as newspapers, magazines, art pieces, and speeches
  • Participate in collaborative writing exercises with their peers

Workshop Their Poetry

  • Offer detailed feedback on their classmates’ poems using the technical skills acquired throughout the course
  • Take revision suggestions from their instructor and peers to improve their work
  • Use proper workshop etiquette to respectfully receive and offer feedback