The door of our blog opens...

After some time thinking and working on it, the Library opens a new space for communication with its users and those who want to join them.

We start by making a statement of intent about what we would like to develop in it:

*News about activities developed by the library.

*News about changes or improvements in the functioning of the library.

*News of interest about the world of books and libraries.

*News of interest about American and Spanish culture.

*Selection of websites or blogs related or of interest.

* Bibliographic news received in the library.

*Thanks to people who collaborate with the library.

*Queries to users about subscribed resources or services in general.

*Recommendations of securities on different subjects that make up the fund.

*Notice of training courses for library users.

*News of interest about the community belonging to the universities residing in the International Institute.

*News of interest about the Friends of the Library community.

*News of interest about the English and North American Culture Program.

*News of interest about the International Institute.

*Update photos and podcasts.