New number received from: Letras Libres (year IX, nº99. December 2009)

Summary of this magazine:


*About the controversies on the internet in “Under the dictatorship of the masses” by Patricio Pron by Moisés Rodríguez López and Alejandro Garnica

*About Manuel Borrás's "Letter from the editor" by Verónica

*About “What remains of the Wall” by Edwin Lombardo and Federico Zertuche


* The social ideology of the automobile. Andre Gorz

*Nostalgia for proximity. Wolfgang Sachs

*More train, more metro, more bike. Luisa Bonilla

*A pedestrian convert (the other day). Alvaro Uribe

*Is your car more handsome than your girlfriend? Tono Angulo Daneri

*Gang land. Rio de Janeiro. Jon Lee Anderson

*The seven deadly sins of Spain: III. The fiction of the educational system. Xavier Pericay

*Malthusian. Gabriel Zaid


*Internal Mechanisms, by JM Coetzee and George Steiner in The New Yorker, by George Steiner. Manuel Arranz

*The bottom of the sky, by Rodrigo Fresán. Edmundo Paz Soldan

* Poetry and snail, by Rafael Courtoisie. Eduardo Moga

*Literature and law. Before the law, by Claudio Magris. Ramon Cota Meza

* Obsessive writing, by Salvador Elizondo. Gabriel Bernal Granados

*In search of horizons, by Arthur Schnitzler. Javier Aparicio Maydeu

*Juliette or The Prosperity of Vice, by the Marquis de Sade. Jorge Carrion

*In order not to die, by Vicente Molina Foix. Guadeloupe Nettel


*Rosebud: cinema: The cinema of a single man. Vincent Molina Foix

*Journalism: Factual: a diary of hierarchical bits. Ramon Gonzalez Ferriz

*Painting: Glances at El Greco. Hugo Hiriart


*Moral: Good intentions. Henry Lynch

*Conversation: Gabriela Wiener: Body counted. Laura Frexias

*Photograph: Caption. Julio Trujillo

*Letter from the editor: Tomorrow, who knows what. Peter Sureda

* Saltapatrás: Diatribe against rich people. William Sheridan

* Relativism: The nun and the anthropologist. felix romeo

*Middle: Okamoto Kido: a Japanese researcher. Ida Vitale


*To a beloved emperor. Raphael Chains

*The island of the night. Andres Sanchez Robayna

*Lute music. Kenneth Rexroth

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