New number received from: Revista de Occidente (nº 343. December 2009)

Summary of this issue:

*Wikipedia, the mega-encyclopedia of the web. paolo fabbri

*The shape of the island (from never ever). Omar Calabrese

*Iran: cinema and modernity. farshad zahedi


*In memoriam. Roger Rubio

* The field of anthropology. Claude Levi-Strauss


*Onetti: a balance. Blas Matamoro

* Charged with reason: the perenniality of Friedrich Schiller. Ricardo Bada

* The Arltian: monsters and prophecies. Horacio Vazquez-Rial

*The unstable universe of Gódol. Victor Gallego

*Map of readings about Memories of the subsoil. William Saccomanno

*< >, a true story. Tribute to Francisco Ayala. Noemi Montetes-Mairal


*Six vignettes. Edward Halfon


*Ludwig Wittgenstein: the reasons for a life. Manuel Arranz

* Narrated world. Miguel Garcia-Posada

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