New number received from: Revista de Occidente (nº 344. January 2010)

Summary of this issue:

* Narrative designs of JM Coetzee (The first novels). Gonzalo Ponton

* Late style and self-representation. Domingo Rodenas de Moya

*When the < > is <<he>>: the autobiography of JM Coetzee. Fernando Galvan

*Black on white (Coetzee in the movies). Hilario J. Rodriguez


*Two heroisms. Agustin Serrano de Haro

*The rescue of the Busserlian legacy and the foundation of the Husserl Archive. H.L. Van Breda


*The young Rilke (Presentation). Jesus Munarriz

*Poems of Prague. Rainer Maria Rilke


*The wisdom of the baroque (About Imago. Visual and figurative culture of the baroque, by Fernanado R. De la Flor). Javier Garcia Gibert

*Memoirs of a Tiny Pole (On Maturing into Childhood, by Bruno Schulz). Carlos A. Aguilera

*The first university women (On the conquest of public space. Spanish women at the University, 1910-1936, by Mercedes Montero). Mary Louise Maillard

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