New number received from: Revista de Occidente (nº 345. February 2010)

Summary of this issue:

* Counterfeiting as a revealer of authenticity. Nathalie Heinich

*The Wedding at Cana in Venice. Authenticity of a facsimile. Chiara Casarin

*< >. Interview with Adam Lowe. George Stolz


*The photographic humanism according to Paul Strand. Javier Ortiz-Echague

*Lucien Hervé or the < > of light. Patrizia Magli

*The possible. On two recent exhibitions by Joan Fontcuberta. Jorge Carrion


*Off the Radar: Los Angeles Art Between Two Centuries. Catherine Taft


*MUR XL. Chantal Maillard and Emilio Lopez-Menchero


*< >. Linguistic and existential reflection in the young Spanish poetry. Mario Martin Gijon


*< > Differences with Álvaro Delgado-Gal. Julio Aramberri

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